What Dog Breed Are You Quiz: What Dog are You?

 June 14, 2024  1591 

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What dog breed are you quiz – According to nearly everyone in the world, a dog is our best friend. Chances are, if someone isn’t a dog-lover, then they’re probably not a life-lover, either.

I bet you who own a pup won’t hesitate to describe your personality, what you were like as a puppy, and how you’ve grown into an adult dog – and that’s because even though they’re animals, they still have personalities just like you do.

We believe that these personality types can be easily determined and classified according to a simple test called the MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator).

We believe that not only can your personality be figured out based on this but that there’s a dog for every major personality type, too.

So, do you ever wonder what kind of dog breed you’d be if you were a dog?

You may have never thought of that before – or have you? Well, we’re gonna admit something to you: We have!

You know why?

Because there’s nothing better than being a dog!

Take this fun 12 question “What dog breed are you quiz” to find out which dog you would be! And when you’re done, don’t forget to share your results with your friends or family on social media!

Here are 12 What dog breed are you quiz questions


Children often do not ...

dog-puppies-funny pic

Are more drawn toward the ...

funny French Bulldog Dog pic

I tend to be more ...

What Dog Breed Are You Quiz: What Dog are You? 1 image

When the phone rings I ...

funny dog phoning image

I put more value on ...


It is worse to ...

lambrador digging a hole pic

I am more ...

big giant dog picture

The greater fault is ...

view-ape-thinking-primate image

I tend to choose ...

cute Golden Retriever Dog pic

At parties I ...

dog at party funny image

I prefer ...


It's harder for me to ...

sad Beagle Dog breed img

What Breed of Dog are You?

You are "Basset Hound"

ISTP basset hound dog img

You are "Bernese Mountain Dog"

ISTJ - Bernese Mountain dog pic

You are "Saint Bernard"

ISFP saint bernard img

You are "Papillon"

ISFJ papillon dog pic

You are "Alaskan Malamute"

INTP alaskan malamute dog breed pic

You are "Afghan Hound"

INTJ afghan hound dog breed img

You are "Tibetan Terrier"

INFP tibetan terrier dog breed img

You are "Greyhound"

INFJ greyhound dog image

You are "Border Collie"

ESTJ border collie dog pic

You are "Poodle"

ESFP poodle dog breed pic

You are "Great Dane"

ESFJ great dane dog breed picture

You are "Bull Terrier"

ENTP bull terrier dog image

You are "German Shepherd"

ENTJ german shepherd dog photo

You are "Golden Retriever"

ENFP golden retriever breed of dog photo

You are "Boxer"

ENFJ boxer breed of dog photo

You are "Jack Russel Terrier"

ESTP jack russel terrier breed of dog photo

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