What is My Spirit Animal?

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What is my spirit animal quiz – Everyone has a spirit animal. What’s your spirit animal? If you don’t know it, do you want to know how to find your spirit animal?

You can have one or several spirit animals throughout your lifetime. They can come in and out of your lives to give you guidance, teach you about yourselves, and help you maintain balance.

The timing and direction you are headed on your path, a specific occasion that may arise, phases of life, or tasks that need to be completed along your journey will dictate what animal steps forward to help.

What is a spirit animal?

A spirit animal often represents qualities and attributes that we may see in ourself. It’s characterized as a messenger or teacher that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual. Other names might be spirit helpers, spirit allies, animal guides, animal helpers, or power animals.

It’s believed that you do not choose the animal, rather it chooses, or has already chosen you.

The animal is there to provide ‘medicine’ to the recipient in the form of wisdom, guidance, power, protection, or lessons.

On a base level, we want to understand the general vibe of the animal and look at it as an archetypal figure in our life; a symbolic representation of us.

We may never personally interact with our animal, like a tiger or whale. But pay attention to the details like specific behaviors, character traits, habitat, diet, social status. Are we group oriented, nomadic, a loner, sedentary, etc.?

How to find your spirit animal?

The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) test is all about representing our personality by measuring how we socialize, how we make decisions, how we take in our surroundings, and what our preferred lifestyle happens to be.

It’s hard to know exactly what draws these animals to us in times of need, but our personality can give some insight into which spiritual guide best fits us.

Some people may sync up better with the owl, while others rely more on the sloth.

You may be curious to know what is your spirit animal. So we have found a way to tie your spirit animal in with your MBTI type.

Here’s the chance to find out your spirit animal with this Myers-Briggs personality quiz.

Are you ready to find out your spirit animal based on The MBTI personality test? If you are, finish these 12 questions and let us tell you!

Spirit Animal Quiz: What is My Spirit Animal?

There are no right answers to any of the questions below. You just pick one of the statements quickly, do not over-analyze them. Some seem worded poorly. Go with what feels best.

Choose the statement as ‘the way you are‘, not ‘the way you’d like to be seen by others‘. And, don’t forget to share this ‘what is my spirit animal quiz‘ with your friends!


It is worse to ...

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I tend to look for ...

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Children often do not ...

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The greater fault is ...


New and non-routine interaction with others ...

what animal am i quiz - photo-of-people-talking-to-each-other

It's harder for me to ...

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I tend to be more ...

What is My Spirit Animal? 1 image

At parties I ...

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I am more inclined to be ...

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In approaching others is my inclination to be ...

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I tend to choose ...

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I value in myself more that I am ...

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What is Your Spirit Animal?

Your spirit animal is OWL!

owl spirit animal

Minimalist and introverted, You and owls are basically exactly the same in every way when it comes to personality traits.

You need an enormous amount of alone time to lead your inner lives, and owls are mostly solitary hunters.

You are also highly intelligent, and you're almost always in your own head — even when you're with friends.

Like owls, you are independent as all hell, and not prone to materialism. As long as you have plenty of solitude, a cozy nest to relax in, and everything you need to survive, you are typically content.

Your spirit animal is DOLPHIN!

dolphin spirit animal

If being alone is really not your jam, you love making people laugh, you enjoy being creative, and you get bored super easily, then you're basically a dolphin.

Just like dolphins, you are the bubbliest folks we'll ever meet. To you, spending a Sunday exploring new places, meeting new people, and seeking out new opportunities is pretty much the best thing ever.

Your spirit animal is LION!

lion spirit animal

You are assertive, organized, natural-born leaders who don't typically let emotions cloud your judgement.

On top of that, you're loyal AF, and put providing for your loved one's above everything else.

If people attempt to silence you, they're definitely going to hear you roar.

Your spirit animal is HORSE!

horse spirit animal

You respect authority and you want everyone around you to be happy and healthy.

Due to your dependable nature, your love of harmony, and your tendency to learn from your past mistakes, your are said to possess the horse animal spirit.

Your spirit animal is DEER!

deer spirit animal

Just like the deer you've ever almost hit with your car, (by accident, of course) your personality types are super sweet and introverted.

You care deeply about the comfort and overall well-being of the people around you, and you tend to develop strong emotional connections to your past experiences — both good and bad.

Your spirit animal is EAGLE!

eagle spirit animal

Being an eagle requires looking at life with a wide lens and not getting tripped up on daily details, or looking closely at minute details in order to see life from a broader perspective.

Eagles provide strength, courage, vision, and wisdom. The eagle allows you to soar to new heights and lets you know when the winds of change are coming.

Your spirit animal is DOG!

dog spirit animal

The dog spirit animal represents loyalty, protection and love. They are reliable protectors and faithful companions who love their owners unconditionally.

People like you who are attracted the dog totem are usually kind, loving and steady.

You often work in fields that allow you to serve others, like social work or teaching.

Your spirit animal is CHIMPANZEE!

CHIMPANZEE spirit animal

People like you with the chimpanzee totem have a great deal of intelligence and knowledge.

You are always the wise adviser and mentor to many of your peers. As a result, you are continually manifesting and transmitting your insights, awareness, and observations of the human condition.

You are also very committed and successful in your relationships. Occasionally, you function as a benevolent trickster and teacher to those around you.

Chimp power animal folks like you also have a powerful connection with all things spiritual and use your intuition regularly.

Your spirit animal is BEAR!

bear spirit animal

Because your personality types are very socially active but have absolutely no fear of confrontation, your animal type is pretty much always going to be a bear.

You are strong people who like to be in control of your surroundings, and you're almost as good at pushing others to succeed as you are at achieving your own goals.

Basically, you are kind of like the Paris Geller's of the world — and we all end up loving you for it.

Your spirit animal is OCTOPUS!

octopus spirit animal

If you're super smart and you know it, and you've also been called "mysterious" with some frequency, then your animal type is likely an octopus.

You've been criticized for being too aware of your own intelligence, and your disinterest in the details of others' lives adds to that perception.

But to you, this behavior isn't meant to be taken personally. It's just one of many side effects of being a total boss who has zero time for drama, and very little time for other people.

Your spirit animal is FOX!

fox spirit animal

Like every fox in every animated film we've ever seen, your personality types often use your wits and charm to talk your way out of things.

On the upside, though, both foxes and certain you are stunning to look at. You also possess the energy, charisma, and intelligence to become some of the world's most amazingly dynamic leaders.

Your spirit animal is BEAVER!

beaver spirit animal

Although you can sometimes be a tad oblivious to the emotional needs of the people around you, Your personality types can still make excellent friends.

You apply the same amount of dedication, hard work, and earnestness to your relationships as you do to your jobs — so even if you're unintentionally insensitive toward other people, you're going to try really hard to fix it.

Your spirit animal is TURTLE!

turtle spirit animal

Your personality type is known for having a quirky sense of humor, an unyielding internal compass, and an active imagination.

On top of that, you are incredibly loyal and caring toward everyone you let into your lives, making you essentially a turtle in human form. And if all these traits sound really familiar to you, then you might be one, too.

Your spirit animal is SLOTH!

sloth spirit animal

Possibly the most stereotypically stonery of personality types, you are mega chill.

This doesn't mean you don't care deeply about who's going to win the election, it just means that you don't feel compelled to fight about which candidate you support or why you support them.

You are lovely friends to have, too, because you're very considerate, peaceful, and easy to be around.

Your personality types don't rush the present or dwell on the future, preferring to take life one moment at a time.

Your spirit animal is CAT!

cat spirit animal

Like most kitties, your personality types are usually super introverted, and you give very few f*cks about what other people think of you.

This doesn't mean you aren't curious about other people, though; it just means you need plenty of alone time with your thoughts. And, you know, to explore cardboard boxes and knock glasses off of tables.

Your spirit animal is WOLF!

wolf spirit animal

With the wolf spirit animal, it just shows that you have a deep connection with your instincts. You can rely on your intuition to deal with tough situations and major challenges.

The wolf spirit animal serves as your personal guide in pursuing the things closest to your truest self. It's your true inspiration to discover the most genuine ways you can express yourself to the world.

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