Best Dog for Me Quiz: What Dog Fits Me Best?

 May 29, 2024  1835 

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What dog fits me best quiz – Getting a dog breed is a big commitment. It’s not something we should just go out and do without some prior research.

While there are a few different things we’ll need to consider before bringing a new pet home, this “best dog for me” quiz can help get you on the right track.

One of the biggest things to think about when choosing the right breed for us is what kind of dog is going to be best for our family and our environment.

There are dozens of dog breeds out there, and each one has their own personality, care requirements, and more unique features.

So how do we know which breed is right for us?

This “What dog fits me best” quiz can help us learn more about ourself and what dog is right for our home. It will get us thinking about the many factors that go into selecting just the right dog breed.


"Adapts Well to Apartment Living"

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"Easy to Train"

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"Tolerates Being Alone"

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"Barking Tendencies"

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"Energy Level"

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"Child Friendly"

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"Easy to groom"

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"Amount of Shedding"

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"Stranger Friendly"

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"Affectionate with Family"

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Dog Breed Selector Quiz: What Dog Breed is Best For Me?

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Picture pic

Labrador Retrievers very love to eat, and become obese very quickly if overfed.

They were bred for physically demanding jobs, and they have the high energy that goes along with being a working breed. They need at least 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day. Without it, they can vent their pent-up energy in destructive ways, such as barking and chewing.

Labs have such a good reputation that many people think they don't need to bother with training. But Labs are large, energetic animals, and like all dogs, they need to be taught good canine manners. Sign up for puppy and obedience classes as soon as you bring your Lab home.

Many people think of Labrador Retrievers as a hyperactive breed. Lab puppies are definitely lively, but most will slow down a bit as they grow up. However, they usually remain fairly active throughout their lives.

Labs are not known to be escape artists, but with the right motivation - such as a whiff of something yummy - a Lab will take off.

German Shepherd Dog

cute German Shepherd Dog breed picture

The German Shepherd isn't the breed for you if you're away from home frequently or for long periods of time. When left alone, they can become anxious or bored and are likely to express their worry in ways you don't like, such as barking, chewing, and digging.

They are active and intelligent dogs. They must be kept busy learning, playing, and working. Daily exercise, both physical (such as jogging and Frisbee) and mental (such as training sessions), is a must.

The German Shepherds have got a reputation for being a great watchdog but they should never be chained or tethered just to stand guard. No dog should; it leads to frustration and aggression. The German Shepherd is happiest living indoors with the family, but with access to a large, fenced yard, where they can burn off some of their natural energy.

Golden Retriever

cute Golden Retriever Dog pic

If you live with a Golden Retriever, you'll have to get used to dog hair.

Golden Retrievers are family dogs; they need to live indoors with their human "pack," and shouldn't spend hours alone in the backyard.

They are active dogs who need 40-60 minutes of hard exercise daily. They thrive on obedience training, agility classes, and other canine activities, which are a great way to give your dog physical and mental exercise.

Although they're gentle and trustworthy with kids, Golden Retrievers are boisterous, large dogs that can accidentally knock over a small child.

Golden Retrievers love to eat, and will quickly become overweight if overfed. Limit treats, measure out your dog's daily kibble, and feed him in regular meals rather than leaving food out all the time.

French Bulldog

funny French Bulldog Dog pic

French Bulldogs make wonderful watchdogs, but they can become territorial. They also like being the center of attention, which can lead to behavioral problems if they are overindulged.

They are companion dogs and thrive when they have human contact. They are not a breed that can be left alone for long periods or left outside to live.

French Bulldogs do not need a lot of exercise, but they do need daily walks to keep them at a healthy weight.

They do not handle heat very well and need to be monitored on hot days to ensure that they don't overexert themselves.

French Bulldogs can be easy to train, but they can also be stubborn. Be firm and patient when training this breed.

If you value cleanliness the French Bulldog may not be the dog for you, since he is prone to drooling, flatulence and some shedding. He can also be difficult to housetrain.

French Bulldogs can be a quiet breed and are not known as a breed that barks frequently although there are exceptions to every rule.

Because they don't tend to be excessive barkers, French Bulldogs make exceptional apartment dogs.

Although it's important to always supervise young children and dogs when they are together, the French Bulldog does very well with children.


sad Beagle Dog breed img

Beagles can be difficult to housetrain. They can get bored if left alone in a house too long. If left in a backyard, Beagles will start finding ways to amuse themselves, usually by howling, digging, or trying to escape.

Since Beagles are scenthounds, they will wander off if they catch an enticing smell in the air. Their noses control their brains, and if they smell something interesting, nothing else exists in their world.

Although Beagles are loving and gentle, they can have an independent, stubborn streak. Obedience training is recommended, but be sure the instructor of the class understands hound personality and favors using food as a reward (which few Beagles can resist).

Beagles are not good protection or guard dogs because they're usually friendly to everyone they meet.

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