10 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions – Disney Trivia Challenge

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Disney multiple choice trivia questions – Do you know what are the best animated Disney movies of all time?

We think each era has brought about films that were technically revolutionary, commercially successful and artistically masterful for their times.

Therefore, we think it makes more sense to select top films from each era.

There are at least three different eras in Disney animation to consider:

  1. In the Golden Age era: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi, Fantasia
  2. In the Rebirth era: Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King
  3. In the Digital Age era: Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall-E

If you think you’re the big Disney fan, it’s time to prove it via this Disney trivia quiz to end all Disney trivia games.

Have you been training for this your whole life? Watching your favourite Disney movies? Going to Disney theme parks? Believing in your dreams? Studying up on Disney Channel Original Movies?

Whether you’re a super fan of Disney movies or you want to test your Disney trivia knowledge, don’t forget to have fun while going through these questions with multiple choice answers!

Disney Multiple Choice Trivia Questions: Please choose the correct answer!

If you ever get stuck, you can easily reveal the correct answer.


When was Disney's toontown online officially released?

2 Disney's toontown online
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Which Disney Princess isn’t royal?

9 disney princess
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Who is a character from 'Aladdin' also makes a cameo in 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'?

6 Aladdin disney full movie wallpaper
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What is the name of Donald Duck’s Sister?

4 Donald Duck disney cartoon movie
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What is the Name of the Tiger in 'The Jungle Book'?

3 Tiger in The Jungle Book shere khan
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What was Disney’s first animated film?

7 walt disney animated movie making
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What is the first feature-length animated movie by Disney?

1 donald duck animated sketch
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What poem does the Cheshire Cat sing in 'Alice and Wonderland'?

10 Cheshire Cat singing alice in wonderland
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Who was Walt Disney’s favorite character?

5 Walt Disney photo
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Which Disney movie was shown in limited theaters due to complicated audio?

8 walt Disney-Movies-theatre
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Top 10 Qs - Disney Movie Trivia Multiple Choice

Congratulations, You nail it!

congratulation cartoon disney animation

We told you to bring your knowledge to the trivia and you brought it.

You have watched every Disney movie that there is to see and then some. Congratulations, you won at this Disney movie trivia.

It's pretty good!

pretty good elsa cartoon disney

You know your stuff of Disney but you may have skipped a movie or two somewhere.

You may want to try and figure out where you’re missing movie information from and go back and study.

Are You satisfied with this result?

try again cartoon disney animation

Pop some popcorn and refresh your memory of childhood with a Disney movie marathon. Then you can come back and retry your hand at it again!

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