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Which Steven Universe character are you personality quiz – Have you watched The Steven Universe movie yet? Which character do you like most in the Steven Universe future?

This is about what Steven Universe character are you quiz. The choices are lapis, peridot, garnet, connie, sadie, greg, rose quartz, lars, mayor dewey, pearl, jasper, amethyst, lion, ruby, sapphire, and steven. Each one is different.

The Steven Universe is an American family oriented animated television series based in science fiction and fantasy, heavily inspired by Japanese anime and several classic animations in the west.

It’s created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network as the first animated series to be created solely by a woman.

Have you ever wondered who you would be, if you were one of the characters on the Steven Universe?

Whether you’re rambunctious like my favorite class clown Amethyst, or careful, controlled, and perfectionist like Pearl, wild and there’s a Crystal Gem that fits each of us, and I’ll help you find yours.

The people of this world believe in you! Grab the weapon and let’s face down some corrupted gems together because it’s time to find out which Gem are you in Steven Universe.

Take this quiz to find out – and be sure to post your result in the facebook comments below!

We created this quiz and tried to make it as accurate as possible to personality, so we’re curious as to whether or not we succeeded.

Let us know in the comments – did your result match your personality?

Which Steven Universe Character Are You Personality Quiz


I go more by ...

5 Steven-Universe-refs-splash

In my social groups I ...

1 steven universe scene

I am more attracted to ...

4 yellow diamond

I am drawn more to ...

6 cartoon network steven universe

I want things ...

10 steven universe the movie scene

In judging others I am more swayed by ...

7 steven universe cartoon scan

Which is the greater fault?

9 emotional scene in steven universe

In company I ...

2 broken heart scene steven universe

I am a person that is more ...

12 steven and connie scene

Which is more of a compliment?

8 steven universe motel scene

I ........

3 steven universe scene reaction

It is preferable mostly to ...

11 steven universe devianart

Steven Universe Personality Quiz - Who Are You in Steven Universe?

You are GARNET!

garnet steven universe giphy

Garnet makes such a great de facto leader of the Crystal Gems because she is an intelligent, cool-headed, and thoughtful.

She and you are natural strategists that feel right at home in the ever-changing landscape of intergalactic warfare.

Garnet is logical and perceptive, which makes her great at all the 'saving the world' stuff, but it can often come at the cost of any sort of emotional effort or connection.


lapis lazuli giphy

Lapis Lazuli really likes the idea of social interactions but is actually tired out rather easily by social situations.

She would usually rather be home watching Camp Pining Hearts. One of the more traumatic events of Lapis Lazuli’s life was the time she spent keeping Jasper at bay for the sake of the Gems.

You are JASPER!

jasper steven universe giphy

You are very loyal to your loved ones. You are a natural leader, and you have a voice that inspires motivation in others.

You can also be altruistic to a fault, yet closed-mined at the same time. Despite knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can have a very flucuated sense of self-worth.


greg universe giphy

Who could forget such classic hits as “Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart” and “Don’t Cost Nothin"?

Greg Universe may be a humble dad and car wash owner, but had you known him back in the day as Rose Quartz did, you’d have fallen just as hard as she did.


sapphire steven universe giphy

You are the master of abstract thinking. You have a clear objective with every choice you make, and you know precisely how to obtain it.

You are very open-minded, and even when you disagree with someone’s actions and thoughts, you tend to leave them be.

Although you may come off as condescending to those you are trying help, they know that that isn’t the tone you want to carry out.


lars bariga giphy

You are very direct in how you tell people things and you don’t go out of your way to sugarcoat it.

You’re very social and open to others, not caring too much about what the people around you think and say about you behind your back.

You are LION!

lion steven universe giphy

Lion rarely changes his expression and for the most part, he is quiet and docile. Though Lion is considered a "pet" for Steven, he looks after himself and often sees to his own activities.

While he doesn't seem to acknowledge Steven most of the time, Lion does appear to understand Steven to a certain extent, responding whenever Steven needs him in mysterious ways.


mayor dewey aka bill dewey steven universe

Mayor Dewey displays some of the common stereotypes of politicians: he believes his position entitles him to certain privileges, he's overly concerned about money, he's distinguished in public but lacks confidence in private.

After losing his position as mayor, Bill Dewey shows himself to be extremely insecure without having other people to rely on him, and he wanders around town aimlessly in a desperate attempt to feel useful.


rose quartz giphy

You and Rose are natural born, altruistic leaders. You are understanding idealistic, empathetic, and charismatic, but I’m sure as Steven can attest, these idealisms comes at a cost.

Rose Quartz was the leader of the rebellion, the face of the Crystal Gems, and as such, she took the brunt of the burden when it came time to shoulder the consequences of their actions.


steven universe gif giphy

It makes a lot of sense that you are often found leading the show as you are capable of rallying allies to your cause even through the screen of a TV or laptop.

Steven Universe is a loving and creative individual that is very in touch with his emotions. He's able to communicate with others most effectively through this connection.

You are SADIE!

sadie miller steven universe giphy

You don’t mind time around others, but prefer to keep to yourself. This can cause you to turn cold towards others.

You work best underpressure, even though you may not like the stress. You know how to prioritze and be opitimistic. You are also the most relaxed of the personality types.

You can sink into your own little world for ages before someone drags you out of it. And when you’re dragged out, it’s a pleasure for all your friends and family.

You are PERIDOT!

peridot steven universe giphy

You are very organized and prefer order over everything else. You can often be too focused on social status and find it hard to relax.

You are always dedicated and determined to help your friends in whichever way you can. Although you have trouble expressing your emotions properly, the people around you always know how to make you happy.

You are PEARL!

pearl steven universe giphy

Pearl is the structured, sensible, and dutiful hand of the Crystal Gems. While Steven is doing his best to befriend everyone they meet, Garnet is planning her next move, and Amethyst is just trying to get a laugh - Pearl is doing all the heavy-duty background work.

You are RUBY!

ruby steven universe giphy

Ruby takes the introverted thoughtfulness and perception of her fusion with Garnet, Sapphire, and puts it all on display for everyone to see.

When she jumps in to save Sapphire from Pearl on their first meeting, that’s really all she has as far as a plan goes.

Ruby doesn’t even think about what will happen next. She simply acts and hopes to figure it out as it unfolds.


connie steven universe giphy

Connie is also incredibly empathetic and more than willing to pick up the cause and fight together with the Gems.

You work best when you have a banner to fight for — something to guide your passionate determination.

You are the first to stand up and fight for a worthy cause, and you can be certain they’ll be the last to leave the cause.

Connie and many other like you have a habit of being perfectionists, which can hold you back in the long run if you’re unwilling to make compromises.


amethyst steven universe

Amethyst is right at home being the center of attention and if she’s not, then she’s more than ready to put on a show to become it.

You are empowered by the spotlight, soaking it in like a flower and photosynthesizing into kinetic energy.

Like Amethyst, you are bold and practical, but you can also be very sensitive and easily bored.

Despite what you were grown for, you are actually against conflict when it comes to those you're closest to.

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