Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO (Full Chapters)

Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO

  • Author: Fen Xiang
  • Translator: Anonym
  • Original language: Chinese
  • Tags(s): Modern Romance, Marriage, Girl’s power, Charming man, Sweet love, Billionaire, Betrayal, Jealousy, Heartwarming, Destiny, Trap, Family


A novel about a girl who is trapped in a marriage with no signs of the husband. She is about to graduate from the university and needs to get the goals of her life set. It is time to take action and decide what to do next.

Her naivety and misinformation force her to take any action which she will regret until she finds what she has really done. To get pregnant she has no hopes from her husband. The girl believes her husband is an old man who is ugly and bald.

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