The Amazing Son in Law “Charlie Wade” by Lord Leaf

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  • Author: Lord Leaf
  • Translator: Anonym
  • Original language: Chinese
  • Tags(s): Love Story, Love, Modern, Marriage, Urban, Character Development, Destiny, Identity Crisis, Weak to Strong, Second Chance

The Amazing Son in Law



This is a story of a man who struggles in life to live a good day. After his eighth birthday, this man has not seen the warmth of happiness, the blessings of love, or the expression of dignity extended towards him in any form from anybody.

At a young age as far as he can remember he was living with his parents. But soon one after another the mother and father left him alone in this world. After their death, he grew up in an orphanage. Where the warmth of motherhood was provided to him by the head of the orphanage, but not enough.

From any perspective, this was not a childhood anyone would like to experience. Anyways, when he stepped into manhood. He found himself in the house of an extended family in the Good Son in Law novel.

If you think his days of testing and suffering are over, just wait for it. In this household, he is a servant at best. He works for the sake of meager meal thrown at him as if he is a stray dog. Sneered at and despised, for him this change of place is like out of the pan into the fire.

The whole family disrespects him and laughs at him. That is the only form of interaction. Meanwhile, the wife, a beauty to look at has always kept him at arm’s length since the first day. He has never gone near her despite living under one roof in the same room.

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  1. If we wants to comment about the novel we must know starting and ending. Without it how to comment. We can talk about the story line which is good. At times boring.

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