Best Novels to Read Online for Free

fade with time and love novel book cover image

  • Author: Muhan
  • Genre(s): Romance, Love Story, Flash marriage, Possessive, Counter attack, Heart-broken
love knows no bounds novel cover image

  • Author:
  • Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy
spoiled by the president novel book cover image

  • Author: Cloud Tree
  • Tag(s): Romance, lovestory, Love, Marriage, Sweet
reverend insanity novel cover image

  • Author: Gu Zhen Ren
  • Genre(s): Xianxia, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Action, Mature, Psychological
from blood and ash book cover image

  • Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Genre(s): Romance, Paranormal, Fiction, Fantasy
her bossy yet naive ceo novel full chapters book cover image

  • Author: Fen Xiang
  • Tags(s): Modern Romance, Marriage, Girl’s power, Charming man, Sweet love, Billionaire, Betrayal, Jealousy, Heartwarming, Destiny, Trap, Family
the bad boy i hate loves me novel full book cover image

  • Author: Demiah13
  • Genre(s): Romance, Love Story, Love
the remarried empress novel full chapters book cover image

  • Author: Alpha Tart (알파타르트)
  • Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy, Josei, Drama, Mature
catch me if you love me novel book cover image

  • Original language: Chinese
  • Genre(s): Romance, Love story
to kill a mockingbird book cover image

  • Author: Harper Lee
  • Tag(s): innocence, experience, kindness, cruelty, love, hatred, humor, pathos