The 9 Enneagram Types Test : Discover Your Personality Type Now!

 April 13, 2024  1601 

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Best free enneagram testExplore the ego types of the Enneagram to better understand your basic desires, fears, and tendencies that affect your relationships and personal growth.

From one point of view, the Enneagram can be seen as a set of 9 distinct personality types, with each number on the Enneagram denoting one type.

It’s common to find a little of yourself in all 9 of the types, although one of them should stand out as being closest to yourself. This is your basic personality type.

The Nine Enneagram Types
Each of the Nine Enneagram personality types are identified with a number from 1 through 9.

  • Type 1 – The Reformer
  • Type 2 – The Giver
  • Type 3 – The Performer
  • Type 4 – The Individualist
  • Type 5 – The Observer
  • Type 6 – The Loyalist
  • Type 7 – The Idealist
  • Type 8 – The Challenger
  • Type 9 – The Peacemaker

They can be expanded into four-word sets of traits. Keep in mind that these traits are merely highlights and do not represent the full spectrum of each type.

  1. Enneagram type 1 : perfectionistic, principled, self-controlled, and purposeful.
  2. Enneagram type 2 : possessive, generous, people-pleasing, and demonstrative.
  3. Enneagram type 3 : image-conscious, adaptable, driven, and excelling.
  4. Enneagram type 4 : temperamental, expressive, self-absorbed, and dramatic.
  5. Enneagram type 5 : isolated, perceptive, secretive, and innovative.
  6. Enneagram type 6 : suspicious, engaging, anxious, and responsible.
  7. Enneagram type 7 : scattered, spontaneous, acquisitive, and versatile.
  8. Enneagram type 8 : confrontational, self-confident, willful, and decisive.
  9. Enneagram type 9 : resigned, receptive, complacent, and reassuring.

The Enneagram, like all spiritual and psychological systems, has the potential to help you transform, grow, and improve your relationships with others.

For example, if your boss is a six you may act more systematically, but if you see he’s an eight—you might be incentivized to find freedom within his dynamic structure.

If you know your partner is a two, you’ll try to help them ask more, rather than fall into a mode of constant giving.

You can use this system to not only dig into who you are and learn how you can channel your unique qualities best, but also in order to work better with others.

Take this free Enneagram personality test to show you which of the nine personality types suit you best.

To take this Enneagram test, choose a statement based on how well it describes your personality.

Choose your statements based on how you really are, not how you would like to be.

If you’re not really sure, think about what you were like as a young adult. Your thoughts and behavior are often more true to your Enneagram types when you are young.

Complete this test till the end to show your enneagram test results.

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Best Free Enneagram Test – Your Enneagram Test Results


Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Choose a statement below that seems the most appropriate to you!

best free enneagram test - enneagram test free online instruction image

Take This Enneagram Test to Discover Your Personality Type

Enneagram Test Result : Type 1 - The Reformer (Moralist)

the reformer enneagram type one

You have an intuitive sense of right from wrong, are innately wholesome, and reach towards an embodiment of the sacred.

You care about goodness and purity, and therefore your greatest fear is of corruption—that somehow you’ll lose your innate goodness, and internal moral compass.

You have incredibly high standards for yourself. You want your actions to match your words, and therefore hypocrisy actually feels viscerally painful.

You’re apt to rebel against improper conduct, and you often feel that the battle or the process towards an end is equally as important as the goal itself.

Though you’re deep seekers, your quest can feel lonely because you’re so tied to a pure and sacred life. Because you can come across as harsh, you can—at your more controlling levels of existence—tend to alienate friends or loved ones, because you yourself simply cannot accept your own impurity.

If you can learn to regulate yourself, precisely in service to the higher good you so worship, you’ll thrive as the powerful leader and teacher you were meant to be.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 2 - The Helper

the helper enneagram type two

You are nurturing, tender, sweet, warm, and full of empathy.

You effortlessly endear others, and generally have a pleasing demeanor. In spite of what may seem like selfless and unforced ability to dole out love and warmth, the basic fear of you is being loveless, or devoid of intimacy.

You need to feel wanted, needed, and loved, for your prime sense of identity rests on your ability to give to others in your time of need.

You love to love, and you are great at it. Still, your effusive, bubbly, nurturing spirit can sometimes be received as disingenuous or obsequious.

For you, the deep work rests in your ability to accept your own neediness; you’ll be the best helpers if you can ask for it yourself.

Instead of constantly giving outwardly, carve out time to connect purely with yourself: Resist the urge to connect with others, and tap in to your own needs.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 3 - The Achiever

the achiever enneagram type three

You are hyper efficient, confident, slick, radiant, and powerful.

You’re also the types who seem to be operating in life as if it were a “constant interview".

The essential qualities of you are glory, value, and hope: You provide the shining example of all that is possible, while simultaneously grasping your own and others’ worth.

You love being around other amazing people; you are people of vision, who feel that “patience is not a virtue".

You suffer from shame, and at the more controlling levels of existence can become self-ingratiating, opportunistic, manipulative, and narcissistic.

Though you are fantastic at putting yourself out into the world, you struggle with coming to terms with your full self.

Instead of constantly trying to impress others, you can work towards equilibrium through a practice of resistance: Resist the temptation to speak about the self, and instead ask about others with genuine interest and patience.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 4 - The Individualist

the individualist enneagram type four

You want to be close to God; too, you want to be close to yourself.

You are self-inquiring, deeply emotive seekers who long to know yourself and others in an intimate and expansive way.

You’re often writer, artist, and trendsetter; you work best outside of societal norms.

You are beings of yearning existence. Your essence qualities are originality, depth, and beauty.

You’re poised to assimilate experiences and communicate you in a way that can benefit others.

But your basic fear, which for you can be completely debilitating, is a fear of losing oneself.

You want to always be startlingly unique, in a way that is both authentic and profound; your deepest fear is insignificance.

So you, in order to thrive as the sensual, expressive beings that you are, must first come to terms with your own well-being, and learn to regulate the self by seeking to understand others, rather than focus on the ways others don’t understand you.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 5 - The Investigator

the investigator enneagram type five

You want to be cognitively apt and lucid; ignorance is scary.

Your essential qualities are clarity, illumination, and objectivity: At your core, you want to have a pristine vision of the world, and be able to provide that knowledge to the world around you.

Because of your desire for objectivity, however, you can come across as unemotional, which often bars your ability to interact with others.

You are complicated types, at the controlling level your quirks can be very grotesque.

You might for example, indulge in daydreams about the supernatural world, or even at the more destructive levels, experiment with pain.

You communicate unemotionally and technically, and you feel lonely, constantly wondering why the people around you don’t seem to understand.

For you, all the work lies in accepting your heart. You should constantly check in with your feelings, and then share those feelings with someone you trust.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 6 - The Loyalist

the loyalist enneagram type six

You often do well in the military. You can follow directions, and feel comfortable with hierarchical if not entirely bureaucratic logistical frameworks.

At the same time, your relationship to authority is complex: You want to follow, but you also want deeply to be independent.

You essential qualities are alertness, courage, and devotion.

You have “unflinching dedication, and a readiness to accept what you’re given with quiet acquiescence".

Your basic fear, then, is to lose orientation in this world, or to experience betrayal.

You are not leader, and you fear not having someone to follow. These non-touchy-feely types do in fact hold the world’s organizations up—you feel the need to support everything, but you also know how to ask for support.

Though you are great worker, you’re less adept at expressing your emotional desires.

You can be highly anxious, and even your warmth can be seen as non-confrontational rather than actively interested, which in most cases, you are.

You have a hard time trusting your own knowing, and your most useful work involves the integration of others’ perspectives into your own action.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 7 - The Enthusiast

the enthusiast enneagram type seven

Generally speaking, you are the life of the party; some of you, however, are content with the ‘party’ you have inside.

Your joy, a prime element of your character, flows freely and abundantly out of your core.

You have genuine appreciation for the gift of life, and your innate sense of freedom manifests an “endless landscape of possibility".

Your deepest fear, then, is of containment, entrapment, or pain. As a result, you, in spite of your constant quest for exhilarating experience, try to make yourself busy so you don’t have to experience pain.

Because you don’t like to be tied down, you have a hard time in committed relationships, and you’re constantly worried about missing out on something more fun or exciting than where you already are.

Though people can find you superficial, flighty, or ungrounded, your movement comes from a place of genuine interest for all things.

You have a profound appetite for knowledge, which at more controlling levels of consciousness can be seen as frivolous.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 8 - The Challenger

the challenger enneagram type eight

You are indomitable beings, known for your fortitude, vivacity, and majesty.

You invoke reverence. Your basic desire, which emanates out of your aliveness and strength, is to make things happen—with force, acuity, and efficiency.

You love to be the originator of something; you tend to be leader, and though you are type who go out of your way to save lives, you are willing to make “noble decisions that might not be popular.”

The prime source of weakness, then, is a fear of withering away. As primal, body-centered folks, you will dismiss anything that brings you in touch with your human weakness.

At your most controlling levels, you can be aggressive, closed off, and dismissive.

The deep personal work of you is to accept and integrate your vulnerability, without pushing it away or meeting it with strength.

When you can relax into your own softness and areas of weakness, you will be the strongest version of yourself.

Enneagram Test Result : Type 9 - The Peace-maker

the peace maker enneagram type nine

The essential qualities of you are wholeness, unity, and flow.

You embrace the world with inclusivity. You prefer to move down unobstructed paths, where you feel comfortable and calm.

The basic desire of you is for everyone and everything within your sight—both internally and externally—to be complete and harmonious.

Though you are great ambassadors and mediators, your deepest fear is to lose the world of internal peace.

At your freest, you are highly communicative, with a profound capacity to listen; at your more controlling levels of existence you can become passive aggressive, apathetic, and non-committal.

Though you are emotional beings, you steer clear of negativity and will mute your emotions if you stir up too much discomfort.

For you, precisely because you hate being in the spotlight, your deepest work is to step into your own power, and come to terms with your own unique importance.

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