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Which car best fits your personality quiz – Do you want to know what car is right for your personality?

Before deciding what car to buy, it’s better for you to find out what type of car suits your personality.

While some people say that your personalities have nothing to do with the car you drive, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only are cars a huge investment, but they are also where you spend a lot of time. Driving a car that is more up your alley, so to speak, makes both your life and your commute more enjoyable.

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) tests can tell us a variety of things about our life, including the best car for us to drive.

Depending on where you lie on the scale, you could be anywhere from our favorite, a Toyota Camry, to a Honda Civic, to a VW Golf and more!

There’s truly only one way to find out! If you don’t know where you fall on the scale, take this car quiz and let us know!


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In relationships should most things be ...

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I am more comfortable in making ...


I put more value on ...

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I am more interested in ...


It is worse to be ...

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I see myself as basically ...

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In my social groups I ...


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"What Kind of Car Should I Buy" Quiz

You should buy "Jeep Wrangler"!

parked-red-jeep-wrangler-rubicon img

You are an imaginative and strategic thinker, with a plan for everything.

Because of your imagination, you can sometimes end up off life's beaten path. You're prepared for city and back roads alike and always have a plan of action that guarantees a good time or a great story.

You should buy "Toyota 4Runner"!

2020-Toyota-4Runner-TRD-Pro pic

You are an innovative inventor with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

You should drive a Toyota 4Runner. With your innovative personality, it's likely that you'll need a vehicle for all climates to quench your thirst for knowledge and exploration.

You should buy "Tesla"!

Tesla-Model-Y-White-CleanTechnica img

You are bold, imaginative and strong willed leader, always finding a way -- or making one.

Your bold personality draws people to you. Your imagination and determination makes you a stand out leader. There aren't many like you, and that's because you command to be at the top.

You should buy "Smart Car"!

blue-smart-for two picture

You are smart and curious thinker who cannot resist an intellectual challenge.

You're up for seeing change and your vehicle reflects your practical, intellectual nature. You have a fun personality and are unapologetically yourself.

You should buy "VW Touareg TDI"!

VW-Touareg-TDI-SUV img

You are quiet and mystical, yet very inspiring and tireless idealist.

VW Touareg TDI may keep it "hush hush" on the road, but like you - its value shows itself through its performance and ideals. Your features inspire others and make you a quiet, but strong leader.

You should buy "Volkswagen Bus"!

green-and-white-volkswagen-combi-bus img

You are poetic, kind and altruistic person, always eager to help a good cause.

You are always up for a road trip or adventure with your friends. There's something poetic and nostalgic about your lifestyle, which matches your ride completely.

You should buy "Range Rover Sport"!

red-land-rover-range-rover-sport pic

You are charismatic and inspiring leader, able to mesmerize your listeners.

You demand attention from your peers but don't boast. They look to you for inspiration and admire your leadership abilities.

You should buy "VW Beetle"!

photography-of-orange-volkswagen-beetle image

You are enthusiastic, creative and sociable free spirit, who can always find a reason to smile.

You zip around and make everyone's day in your VW Beetle. Your creative spirit shines through and you're constantly seen waving to other bug-drivers in the area.

You should buy "Toyota Prius"!

toyota-prius 2020 pic

You are a practical and fact-minded individual whose reliability cannot be doubted.

A Toyota Prius is just about as reliable as it gets. And the benefits appeal to your practically. While this isn't the flashiest of cars, it's precisely what you're looking for.

You should buy "Ford Expedition"!

ford expedition 2020 image

You are very dedicated and warm protector, always ready to defend your loved one.

You're a family person, who wants reliability and protection. You'll find that in this large, accomodating vehicle for sure.

You should buy "Audi A8"!

audi-a8-2020-zeperfs picture

You are an excellent administrator, unsurpassed at managing things or people.

You can manage just about any situation you're faced with because of your professional, executive nature. People are drawn to your professional, accomodating ways.

You should buy "Ford F-150"!

Which Car Best Fits Your Personality Quiz 1 image

You are extraordinarily caring, social, and popular people, always eager to help.

Everyone needs a friend with truck. Whether it's moving out or taking a kayak trip, you're the one they call in your FORD F-150. You're always prepared and ready for whatever you (and your friends) need.

You should buy "Chevy Camaro"!

chevrolet chevy camaro 2020 picture

You are bold and pratical experimenter, master of all kinds of tools.

You need a project, something you can always work on and apply your imaginative skillset. An old Chevy Camaro, full of character, is the car for you. You can have fun driving this while also restoring it to its former glory.

You should buy "Land Cruiser"!

toyota land cruiser 2020 picture

You are a flexible and charming artist, always ready to explore and experience something new.

Adventure is calling and you must go - in your off-road-ready, Land Cruiser. This uniquely shaped car offers just what you need and the charm to lure your friends into joining you on your explorations.

You should buy "Porsche Boxster"!

2020-porsche-718-Boxster-T-oem wallpaper

You are smart, energetic and very perceptive person, who truly enjoy living on the edge.

While you enjoy living on the edge, your strong mind still controls most your life choices. A Porsche Boxster would be the best choice for you, because you have the option to play it safe or take the top down and live a little.

You should buy "Ford Mustang"!

2020 ford mustang wallpaper

You are spontaneous, energetic and enthusiastic person -- life is never boring around you.

Your affinity for adventure and spontaneity reveals that you need a ride to support your energy. A Mustang gives you all of that, and your ride will certainly never be boring.

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