Quiz: What Type of Car Should You Drive?

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What car should you drive quiz – Do you want to find out what kind of car is right for you to drive? Is it Honda Civic, Toyota Camry, Ford Mustang, Jeep Wrangler, Audi, or Dodge Charger?

The car we drive says a lot about our personality. From the make and model to the state of the interior, our car reflects several aspects of our attitude, practicality, and the way we approach life.

Studies have shown that a car purchase is a reflection of the driver’s personality.

Although you make a subconscious decision, the purchasing process is linked to the your conditioning, background and status.

Most buyers never contemplated the motivation for their purchase since they were content with choosing what they deemed to be the right choice.

So, how do you know if you have made the right choice in vehicles?

The obvious answer is that you know what you like but have never questioned the origin of your affinity for a particular vehicle.

We were curious to find out what motivates the buying selection, so we gleaned psychological tests, surveys, and consumer patterns.

The results indicated that a choice in car is a direct reflection of your personality.

The kind of car you drive speaks volumes about your personality.

So, take this ‘What car should you drive quiz’ to find out which one best fits your personality?

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Which of the following is your favorite way to spend a weekend?

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Pick your favourite!


What do people think of you?

judging others by circumstances than laws

What is your perfect vacation?

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What is your favorite Animal?

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What type of music would you most likely listen to while driving?

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Which sport would you most likely participate in?

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You describe yourself as ...

man thinking new ideas

What's your favorite sport?

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What kind of job interest you the most?

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Which movie do you want to watch?

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I like to eat ...

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Out of these, which band or singer is your favorite?

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Which one describes you?

gentle man wear Tom Ford Anthracite firmly

What Car Should I Get Quiz: Which Car Should You Drive?

You should drive an AUDI !

Audi RS7 Sportback wallpaper

You are very impulsive, extremely enthusiasts and care about oyout car more than anything in this world.

You love spending time driving and you are extremely agile and seem like you are always in a hurry.

You take great care about your car and if it has even the smallest scratch, you will instantly take it to the car service.

You love the tuning and want to own a vehicle with as many options as possible.

You should drive a BMW!

bmw_m8_coupe_fire_red pic

You are a nice guy, friendly and jovial. You love to brag about your car and to stand out in every way, even if that means turning the music up.

On the road, you are respectful driver, you give priority and you have adrenaline in your blood because you enjoy the speed very much.

You can’t stand having a scratch on your car but if it occurs, you wait patiently to solve the problem.

You are extremely proud of your acquisition and this thing can be noticed by anyone who sees you.

You should drive a HONDA!

2020-honda-civic-sedan pic

The Honda cars are sleeker than its sportier cousin is. But, having appliances with VTEC, these cars offer same reliability as Toyota.

According to the young generation, Honda mainly stocks racer cars.

You should drive a FORD!

ford hot rod suv pic

Manufacturing affordable cars for the family, Ford is also known for tough hatchbacks. With a good level of maneuverability, this brand has earned a good name even in the market of muscle vehicles like SUVs or large truck.

You should drive a LEXUS!

Lexus-LC img

It's a nice car to drive every day that is also faster than you could ever need on the road.

What's more amazing, is that even though the Lexus is far less expensive, it almost always comes loaded with features that are always expensive options on the German cars.

Things like air conditioned seats, back-up cameras, and even leather can cost additional on some of the German rivals.

If you know you want a car that is built specifically for comfort, or you want a German car that doesn't have all of the expensive headaches, then you should probably have a Lexus.

You should drive a VOLKSWAGEN!

Volkswagen tarek suv pic

You are very aware of your value as persons and who give the impression of being very sociable.

You enjoy driving your car and you are very reluctant when it comes to borrowing it to someone.

You are very good driver who take into account the traffic rules and who love traffic order, preferring to avoid the agglomerated areas.

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