What Car Should You Buy?

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What car should you buy quiz – Do you want to buy a car? Do you have your mind set on a specific car?

To help you out, we’ve come up with this quiz to figure out what kind of car best suits your needs or lifestyle.

Buying a car is one of the biggest decisions of our life. We have our own set of desires and needs: safety, performance, fuel efficiency, reliability, comfort, color, size, price, luxury and style. The “right car” depends on who we are and what we expect from a car.

The car we choose automatically states a lot about us as a person. In fact, our car is a reflection of who we are.

It is from the dealer or salesperson where we often get a good idea about how our car defines our personality.

In some circumstances, it can be the type of car that matches our personality and sometimes it can simply be the style the car gives off.

Whether you have a need for speed or a craving for comfort, We want to help you choose the type of car that’s right for you. One of the first and most important things to take into consideration is the car body style.

To understand more, let’s take this car quiz to help you choose the right car for your stage in life, and you should be shopping for cars that are a perfect fit for you in no time.

So, What car should you buy based on your needs?

Tell us your result on the comment below or share it with your friends!


Do you worry about the environment?

diesels_car better_for_the_environment img

Do you worry about saving money on monthly expenses?

what car should i buy quiz | save money on monthly expenses pic

What is your budget?

what car should i buy quiz | budget-for-your-first-buying car pic

Do you need to transport heavy objects daily or have a lot of stuff to haul around and going on off-road adventures?

what car should i buy quiz | loaded-car fun pic

What’s your daily route like?

what to name my car quiz - what car should i buy quiz | person-holding-black-vehicle-steering-wheel pic

Do you have children?

What Car Should You Buy? 1 image

What is your first priority when it comes to looking for a car?

what car should i buy quiz | buying-a-used-and new car picture

Do you like feeling comfortable while looking nice?

gentle man wear Tom Ford Anthracite firmly

Do you worry about things like gas mileage?

what car should i buy quiz | car gas-mileage image

Do you need to have more cargo space, more ways to configure the interior, easy access, and plenty of storage cubbies?

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Do you like lending a hand to your friends and family?

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Quiz: What Car Should I Buy?

You should buy HATCHBACKS!

HATCHBACKS car type pic

You are practical with your choices, put focus on the economical side of things and usually rational in your thinking.

Hatchbacks are small vehicles that takes out luxury and replaces it with practicality and economy.

You are usually very practical in your usage of a car, and enjoy the economical savings that come with driving a modest hatchback.

Driving a hatchback around is similar to being rational in your thinking; zooming in and out of traffic with ease.

You should buy LUXURY CARS!

LUXURY CARS in usa pic

You often indulge in the extravagant life, aim to be unique and are proud to show off your achievements.

Luxury cars are usually the most expensive cars in the list.

You probably make plenty of money and use it to enjoy the luxuries of life, without worrying about practicality, fuel-efficiency and convenience.

You like to take the more relaxing, comfortable, and decadent route, showing off your need for status, extravagance and uniqueness.

You should buy MUSCLE CARS!

MUSCLE CARS ford mustang img

You often like to be a leader, and like to be in control of everything.

Muscle cars are high-performance vehicles that are incredibly durable and have exceptionally powerful engines.

You usually show off a combination of leadership, control and power.

You like to have a lot of control with your powerful cars, and will enjoy leading others along for the ride. Just like Vin Diesel’s character in the movie.

You should buy MINIVANS!

MINIVANS car type img

You are a family-oriented person, caring and pleasant towards those who are closest to you.

Minivans give you the best of an SUV and a sedan. Minivans are very spacious, pleasant, and an efficient workhorse, especially for families.

You are often caring and practical, as well as family oriented, as you would love to bring your family around for a road trip.

You should buy COUPES!

COUPES car image

You are sporty and outgoing, often show off your youthful exuberance, and constantly looking to have fun in your life.

Coupes are sporty, there’s no doubt about it. Compared to 4-door and 2-door sedans, a coupe looks generally sportier.

Usually you enjoy having a good-looking and flashy car that gets all the attention on the roads. Coupes are also generally driven by youngsters who love to seek the thrills of life.

You should buy PICKUP TRUCKS!


You are a workaholic, and often looking for stability and control in your life.

Pickup trucks are perfect for towing, hauling and going on off-road adventures.

While not many of us will be riding a pickup truck to work, these powerful beasts on the road are perfect for you who seek control and power in everything that you do.

You should buy SUV!

suv-Nissan-Rogue image

SUV is a larger vehicle that can be classified as a light truck.

With a higher center of gravity, higher ground clearance, and four-wheel drive, you’ll have a more commanding view of the road.

SUVs prioritize size and comfort, and can provide a more adventurous ride than minivans or station wagons. They are designed for both on and off-road use.

You should prefer SUVs due to their 4-wheel drive capabilities, towing capacity, and masculine appeal.

You should buy SPORTS CARS!

SPORTS CARS canada image

Sports cars are tuned for performance and speed. These cars reflect speed, impulse control, youthful exuberance, and rejuvenation.

They have a very sporty look and come equipped with custom front and rear bumpers, exhausts, spoilers, roof tops, and side skirts.

Usually you enjoy having a good-looking and flashy car that gets all the attention on the roads. These cars are most common among financially successful young men and women.

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