Which Avatar Character Are You?

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Which Avatar Character Are You?

You got Ozai

ozai avatar the last airbender

Sinister and cruel, he despises weakness in others and has been described as ruthless.

His treatment of Zuko during and after their fire duel suggests that Ozai is cruel, violent, and malevolent to just about everyone, not even showing his own son mercy or love.

Ozai views Prince Zuko as a failure, heavily favoring his daughter Azula over him, and believes Iroh to be a traitor.

You got Sozin

sozin avatar the last airbender

When young, he was capable of generosity and friendship. After Sozin became Fire Lord, however, he developed into a ruthless leader who was poisoned by limitless ambition.

You got Katara

katara avatar the last airbender

She is brave and independent, as well as naturally gifted at waterbending. A bit of an idealist, Katara never lost hope that the Avatar would return to save the world, even though many people had. Her early responsibility imbues her with a deep sense of justice and duty to others, personality traits that conflict on occasion with her devotion to those she loves.

You got Iroh

iroh avatar the last airbender

He is deeply loyal, not only to his family and his nation, but also to the spiritual balance of the world. When these loyalties conflict, as they do when Admiral Zhao threatens to kill the Moon Spirit in "Siege of the North, Part II," he chooses the common good over other narrower interests.

Noble in spirit, Iroh nevertheless enjoys playing the scoundrel on occasion and is sometimes a bit of a goof. Wise and benevolent, Iroh enjoys relaxing, drinking tea, and playing music or games with the crew of Prince Zuko's ship. He also knows the value of inner peace and tries to impart this lesson to his nephew at every opportunity. Although he enjoys his leisure, Iroh is not lazy and does his best by Zuko whenever he can.

You got Jet

jet avatar the last airbender

Jet is a smooth and charismatic person. He is determined to combat the Fire Nation by any means, and he takes this mission to extremes. His hatred toward these people clouds his moral judgments, and he becomes fanatical and obsessed to the point that he generally doesn't care how he achieves his goal.

You got Sokka

sokka avatar the last airbender

Sokka is smart and resourceful, but also immature in many ways. His intelligence often helps him solve problems that others cannot, such as his design for a working hot air balloon in "The Northern Air Temple." Brave and somewhat pretentious, Sokka seeks respect and glory as a warrior, and his wounded pride when he falls short in this regard is often the source of much humor.

You got Ty Lee

ty lee avatar the last airbender

Extremely upbeat and cheerful. Ty Lee's outlook on life is perpetually rosy and she manages to follow her heart to where her best interests lie with a happy attitude. In battle, she is quick, precise, and methodical, which is why her skills make a unique addition to Azula's team.

You got Aang

aang avatar the last airbender

Aang is very friendly; before he was frozen he had many friends all over the world, and has made many more since embarking on his journey. He cares deeply for his newfound friends, Sokka and Katara; his animal guide, Momo and Appa, his pet winged-lemur. Fun loving and free-spirited, he always manages to have a good time and often draws others into his games.

You got Haru

haru avatar the last airbender

Lonely and brave, he misses his father terribly. Although forbidden by the Fire Nation, Haru continues to practice earthbending in private to feel close to his father. Most of all he remembers his father's courage when the village first came under attack and wishes to be like him in this regard.

You got Zuko

zuko avatar the last airbender

He is very uptight, serious, and has an extremely short temper. His ongoing struggles and hardships serve to fuel this rage and make him more determined. Zuko is very persistent and will do almost anything to capture the Avatar and regain his lost honor, which sometimes causes him to make reckless decisions. He only seeks to return things to normal and will not let anyone stand in his way.

You got Professor Zei

professor zei avatar the last airbender

He is an eccentric man to whom knowledge is priceless. Professor Zei gets very excited at the prospect of learning anything about history or the world around him. Sometimes this desire to learn can get him into trouble, like entering a desert and nearly dieing in search of an ancient library.

You got Toph

toph avatar the last airbender

She is a very sarcastic young girl and is also highly competitive. Toph loves to fight and knows that she's very, very good at it. This self-assuredness can at times make her arrogant about her skills and she can be a bit of a sore loser. Toph's fighting style shows that she is also patient and very good at listening. She rarely makes the first move, usually waiting for others to strike first and knows how to use her appearance to catch people off guard.

You got Yue

yue avatar the last airbender

She is a pleasant, respectful, and friendly person. Although a bit uncertain and shy when she first meets Sokka, the two become quite close. Her affection for him causes her some emotional distress over her arranged marriage to the arrogant Hahn. Truly selfless and devoted to her people, Yue reveals clearly that she is willing to make sacrifices for the common good.

You got Suki

suki avatar the last airbender

She is a strong and powerful young woman. Yuki takes pride both in her skill and her place as protector within her community. She is initially offended by Sokka's attitude towards female warriors and takes great pleasure in giving him a sound thrashing. Suki is not vindictive, though, eventually accepting Sokka as her student and they both learn to have respect for each other's skills as warriors.

You got Princess Azula

azula avatar the last airbender

Talented and cruel, she revels in both her firebending skills and her position as a member of the royal family. Azula delights in her brother's disgrace and enthusiastically pursues him and their uncle, Iroh. Azula, like her brother, is highly intelligent and a perfectionist. Perhaps most telling is her demonstrated willingness to manipulate and deceive both friend and foe alike to achieve her objectives.

You got Mai

mai avatar the last airbender

Caustic and given to dead pan expressions, she yearns for excitement and doesn't hesitate to employ her assassin-like skills at the slightest provocation. Despite Mai's strong personality, however, she obeys Azula without question, even to the point of putting her younger brother in danger during the hostage trade seen in "Return to Omashu."

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