Hogwarts House Quiz : What Harry Potter House Are You?

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Hogwarts House Quiz : What Harry Potter House Are You?

You're in Ravenclaw (ISTPs)

Ravenclaw hogwarts house of harry potter image

You would probably find yourself gravitating towards Ravenclaw, but the way you handle a lot of situations would make you look like a more introverted Gryffindor.

This is because while you tend to be a bit quieter, you are a person who know how to act quickly because that's how you're most comfortable.

You're an analyzer, like any Ravenclaw Primary, but when you're done analyzing, you move forward in a way that's pretty unique to Gryffindor.

Out of everyone who could possibly be sorted into Gryffindor, you are some of the most analytical and cautious.

When a problem appears, expect you to handle it quickly and efficiently, keeping in mind any cause and effect that could make the situation better or worse.

You're in Gryffindor (ESTPs)

what's your hogwarts house - Gryffindor hogwart house of harry potter image

You would probably gravitate most towards Gryffindor or Slytherin thanks to your Gryffindor Primary and Slytherin Secondary.

You, much like Gryfferins, are focused on doing the right thing and achieving the best results you can.

You are incredibly spontaneous person who learn best by being hands-on about a situation.

That's your Slytherin side talking that's always looking for an angle to take a situation on rather than charging at it like a Slytherin/Gryffindor would.

You stand up for what you believe in much like a Gryffindor Primary would, but you're quieter about it than other Gryffindors because you're busy doing what you need to do behind the scenes to make things happen.

If you are being loud or even obnoxious, there's a good chance you have something more important going on that you'd want to be quiet about.

This is a telltale personality trait of the Gryffindor/Slytherin. Harry Potter himself is actually a Gryffindor/Slytherin according to this theory!

You're in Hufflepuff (ISTJs)

what's your hogwarts house - Hufflepuff hogwart house of harry potter image

You are kind of the quintessential Huffleclaw. You are quiet, serious, practical person who value loyalty above all else.

You're a logical person who handles most situations in that way, which is honestly how all Ravenclaw Secondaries want to handle things.

As for the Hufflepuff Primary part, you value community and hard work, which is a big deal for the average Hufflepuff and a big part of your lives no matter where or who you are.

Hufflepuffs have a different sort of loyalty than the other Hogwarts houses: they're not loyal to people because it's the right thing or because they value those people, but because people are humans and are inherently valuable.

You also love organization, which appeals to your Ravenclaw side.

You're in Slytherin (ESTJs)

what's your hogwarts house - Slytherin hogwarts house of harry potter image

You would fit perfectly into Slytherin or Ravenclaw thanks to your Slytherin Primary and Ravenclaw Secondary.

You are realistic, practical, and great at taking care of those routine little things that other personality types just won't have the patience for.

You are the most decisive person we'll ever meet because you have a set of rules that you live by and expect the world to live by yourself.

That's your Slytherin side talking. You're a visionary person who know how to take your sweeping vision and actually implement it, which is actually pretty darn cool.

That's your Ravenclaw side: that allows you to be smart about the way you work and how you deal with people.

You're in Ravenclaw (INTPs)

Ravenclaw hogwarts house of harry potter image

You would probably find yourself in the houses of either Ravenclaw or Slytherin thanks to your Ravenclaw Primary and Slytherin Secondary.

We're going to call you a Slytherclaw along with your Slytherin/Ravenclaw counterparts because Ravenrin just doesn't sound as good of a hybrid house name.

You are logical to a fault and have your set belief system and core values that have been developed throughout your lives, which is where your Ravenclaw comes in.

As for your Slytherin, you are very flexible in your thinking and can adapt to most situations, going so far as to appear like different person in any given situation.

You're particularly great at solving problems that are in your wheelhouse, but with your brain and adaptability. You can accomplish just about everything.

You're in Slytherin (ENTPs)

what's your hogwarts house - Slytherin hogwarts house of harry potter image

You would find your home in Hogwarts in either Slytherin or Gryffindor thanks to your Slytherin Primary and Gryffindor Secondary.

You can think quickly on your feet and are particularly great at tackling things you've never dealt with before because of your ability to improvise.

That's something you'd get from your Gryffindor side, while your Slytherin Primary side is what makes you so great at reading people.

Slytherdors are basically the open books of Hogwarts. We will always know what you think about on a given issue, person, or topic because you will let us know.

If we call an ENTP or a Slytherdor our friend, know that they will be here for us no matter what, and they expect that same type of loyalty from us.

You are also person who hate doing things the same way every time, which is something Slytherdors empathize with because you feel the same.

You're in Slytherin (INTJs)

what's your hogwarts house - Slytherin hogwarts house of harry potter image

You are the epitome of pure Slytherin. You have an original mind, and while you don't care for too much socialization, you have an innate understanding of what makes people tick.

However, unlike the hardworking Hufflepuff or the analytical Ravenclaw, you are extremely adaptable and can work around basically any situation.

But, you are as exacting and perfectionist as you are adaptable: you want to be the best at whatever it is you're doing, especially if it's something you're passionate about.

As for how you deal with people, you don't necessarily go out of your way to be a social butterfly, but the people in your circle mean everything to you.

You are some of the most loyal person we'll ever meet, just like a Slytherin.

You're in Ravenclaw (ENTJs)

Ravenclaw hogwarts house of harry potter image

You might not seem like the type to be pure Ravenclaw, but we couldn't be more wrong.

You are the type of person who will build a system of morals and values for yourself, testing that system for hypocrisy and weirdness that you don't need.

You then discard what you don't need and acquire new things that you can live by.

That's your Ravenclaw Primary side talking. As for your Secondary, you love planning for the long term and learning new things that you can use later, even if the thing you learned is a little ridiculous.

Your favorite thing is setting a goal, then working hard to meet it using your vast skill set that you've acquired over the years.

You're also unyielding when it comes to presenting your ideas. All of these things are personality traits that belong squarely in Ravenclaw.

You're in Gryffindor (ISFPs)

what's your hogwarts house - Gryffindor hogwart house of harry potter image

You are a Gryffinclaw, through and through. You are different from Ravendors (ISTPs) in a lot of ways, even though you might assume you're the same.

Instead of thinking analytically and taking apart your gut feelings only to barge in and do what needs doing when it's time to, you will go with your gut most of the time.

But you'll do it in a quieter way. You do things because you truly believe it's the right thing to do, not because you feel obligated or because someone is telling you to.

However, your Ravenclaw Secondary allows you to carry out what you think is the right thing by using your brains.

Hermione Granger is a great example of a Gryffindor/Ravenclaw, which is why she almost Hatstalled in the books!

You're in Slytherin (ESFPs)

what's your hogwarts house - Slytherin hogwarts house of harry potter image

You are the most outgoing, socially adept person we'll ever meet thanks to your Slytherin Primaries and Hufflepuff Secondaries.

You are by far the most charismatic, especially when it comes to working with people to make a shared goal happen.

You have the unique ability to make deep connections with people that you're loyal to without letting that loyalty mess with your decision making.

You're pretty flexible and spontaneous because that's how your Hufflepuff Secondary happens to work, and that's the part of you that gets people to warm up to you so fast.

As for your Slytherin Primary, you are extremely loyal person who are equal parts protective over those you love and objective about most situations, which can be a pretty brave thing to be these days.

You're in Hufflepuff (ISFJs)

what's your hogwarts house - Hufflepuff hogwart house of harry potter image

You are a straight up Hufflepuff in both your Primary and Secondary houses.

You are the person who will be most comfortable with hard work and most unafraid of toil.

You are a person who's going to be loyal to a fault and be really considerate to the feelings of other people.

You're going to remember the little things about a person and use that information later on, making you particularly great gift-givers.

Aside from your adeptness with people, you, much like most Hufflepuffs, know the value of setting yourself to one goal and working at it until that goal is achieved.

You're not going to make a big deal about it because that's just not you, but you are going to make sure that you and everyone else involved is committed to what you're doing.

You're the 'behind the scenes' person who shine best there, and you love that about yourself.

You're in Hufflepuff (ESFJs)

what's your hogwarts house - Hufflepuff hogwart house of harry potter image

You are person who believe in harmony and fitting in with a community.

Even if you don't show your warm heart all that often, that warm heart definitely exist and influence a lot of the ESFJ's decision making.

This is pretty common for the Hufflerin. While you're not quite as charismatic as your Slytherpuff counterparts, you are person who communicate well with others and can adapt to different situations easily.

That's your Slytherin side talking that makes you adapt to different situations and compels the ESFJ to follow through on even the smallest things.

You are the most loyal person we'll ever meet, not just to those you care about but to people as a whole, which is your Hufflepuff side talking.

More than anything, you want to be appreciated for who you are, which is what the Hufflerin wants more than anything.

You're in Ravenclaw (INFJs)

Ravenclaw hogwarts house of harry potter image

You are person who seek meaning in your life, which is something that Ravenclaw Primaries make a major priority in their lives.

Unlike Gryffindors, who go by their gut instincts a lot of the time, you make it a point to second-guess your gut instincts, or at least figure out why your gut is making you lean towards a certain decision.

You need to find the hidden connections of things and have a vision for your life, or at least the foreseeable future.

As for your Hufflepuff Secondary side, while you are not the most social person in the bunch, you definitely care about people and want to understand them.

You are person with the Ravenclaw's thirst for learning and the Hufflepuff's work ethic, making you almost terrifyingly effective when it comes to carrying out your dreams.

You're in Gryffindor (ENFJs)

what's your hogwarts house - Gryffindor hogwart house of harry potter image

You are about as Gryffindor as you come; so much so that it's both your Primary and Secondary house.

You are a natural leader who is motivated by doing the right thing above all else: you feel responsible for those that you care about not because you care about you, but because caring is the right thing to do.

That's your Gryffindor Primary talking. You are really empathetic and kind, and the best of you are pretty responsible as well, which is basically the Gryffindor motto.

You see potential in everyone, which is a really admirable trait that Gryffindors have in spades.

More importantly, you are inspiring leader and know how to get things done with a group of people.

That's your Gryffindor Secondary talking. While you can be bold and brash, you're not a Gryffindor because of that, you're Gryffindor because of your ability to inspire others.

You're in Hufflepuff (INFPs)

what's your hogwarts house - Hufflepuff hogwart house of harry potter image

You will find yourself gravitating towards either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor because of your Hufflepuff Primary and their Gryffindor Secondary.

You tend to be incredibly idealistic and loyal not to specific people but to your community as a whole, which is something Hufflepuffs really relate to on a lot of levels.

On top of that, you hate hypocrisy and tend to be some of the most honest person we'll ever meet in our life, only lying when there's no other choice.

On top of that, you are deeply inspiring person thanks to your Gryffindor Secondary, making you some of the best leaders we'll ever meet.

You're incredibly mindful of people even if you don't necessarily love being the center of attention, and you'll show that by being decisive and flexible unless your core values are being infringed upon.

You're in Gryffindor (ENFPs)

what's your hogwarts house - Gryffindor hogwart house of harry potter image

You probably gravitate towards Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, much like your introverted counterparts (INFPs).

However, you tend to be Gryffindor Primaries and Hufflepuff Secondaries rather than the other way around.

For you, life is full of possibilities. You are a person who tend to go by your gut when it comes to figuring out the right thing to do: even if you tend to seek the advice of your many friends and loved ones, you'll still tend to go with what feels right deep down even if no on else agrees.

That's your Gryffindor Primary side talking, and it's part of your spontaneous side.

As for your Hufflepuff Secondary, it mirrors your unique ability to connect with people, making you some of the most supportive person we'll ever meet.

Additionally, you tend to be really creative and imaginative, which are both traits that apply to the Gryffinpuff.

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