25 Color Theory Questions and Answers You Never Know

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The actual color and is affected by light and texture
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Black, white, gray and brown are considered?
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How many colors make up the color wheel?
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What is color theory?
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Both the science and art of using color

Containing equal parts of the primary colors usually consisting of White, Black, off-black, off-white, gray and some browns
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Neutral Colors

How many colors are in a monochromatic color scheme?
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One color

What is Mrs. GH's favorite color?
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The amount of black or white in a color
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The intensity of color is called ...
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Chroma or saturation

To create a tint, you must add what?
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3-5 colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel
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Lighten colors by beginning with white and adding a bit of color
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What colors are located on the right side of the color wheel and usually associated with fire and the sun?
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Warm Colors

Violet, Blue, and Green are ...
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Cool colors

To create a shade, you must add what?
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What are the 3 primary colors?
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Red, Blue, Yellow

Why is color theory important in graphic design?
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It can be used to attract attention, emphasize elements, organize content, evoke emotion and help a design look aesthetically pleasing.

No saturation of a hue, but has the same value using neutral grays, white and/or black
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“One color” and it’s value
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What are the 3 secondary Colors?
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Green, Orange, Purple

What do you get when mix a primary color and a secondary color?
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Tertiary Color

What colors are located on the left side of the color wheel and usually associate with snow and ice?
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Cool Colors

Darken colors by beginning with color and adding a bit of black
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What color does emperors and leaders of ancient Mediterranean civilization wore?
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