Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader [Questions and Answers]

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English and Literature: 2nd Grade

What type of literature features magical creatures, such as giants, gnomes, and goblins?
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Fairy Tales

English and Literature: 3rd Grade

Adding conjunctions such as “and” or “but” turns a simple sentence into what type of sentence?
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Compound sentence

Geography: 5th Grade

What is the name of the sea bordered by Europe to the north and North Africa to the south?
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The Mediterranean Sea

Science: 5th Grade

What typically green chemical found in plants uses photosynthesis to turn sunlight into energy?
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Mathematics: 4th Grade

The interior angles of a triangle always sum to what degrees?
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180 degrees

Science: 2nd Grade

Earth is located in what galaxy?
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The Milky Way

Geography: 1st Grade

How many continents are there?
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(Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America)

History: 4th Grade

The ancient Egyptian writing system was called what?
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Mathematics: 1st Grade

The largest number that can be pronounced with a single syllable is ...
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Twelve (12)

Geography: 4th Grade

Which country is the largest in size?
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History: 2nd Grade

What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called?
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The Bill of Rights

English and Literature: 4th Grade

In this book titled The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, what is the last comma called?
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The Oxford comma

English and Literature: 5th Grade

What is the name of the most famous English playwright?
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William Shakespeare

History: 3rd Grade

The first fireworks were invented in the 7th century in what country?
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Mathematics: 5th Grade

If a football field is a hundred yards long, how many feet long is the football field?
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300 feet

Science: 4th Grade

How long does Earth take to revolve once around the sun?
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365 days

English and Literature: 1st Grade

What is the term for a word that is similar in meaning to another word?
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Geography: 2nd Grade

To travel from New York to London, one must fly over which ocean?
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The Atlantic Ocean

History: 1st Grade

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated by Native Americans and what other group of people?
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Mathematics: 3rd Grade

If David divides 111,111 by 11 what number does he get?
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Mathematics: 2nd Grade

1/10 is to 10% as 1/4 is to what percent?
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History: 5th Grade

The what was the name of the last Queen of France?
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Marie Antoinette

Science: 3rd Grade

What phenomenon might be felt on the surface when two tectonic plates rub against each other?
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Geography: 3rd Grade

What is the longest river in the world?
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The Amazon

Science: 1st Grade

What is the biggest organ in the human body?
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