Catch Me If You Love Me Lu Beichuan

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Catch Me If You Love Me



The story revolves around a girl (Gu Qiaoge) whose life is full of miseries. The first obstacle in her life was that her father never liked the guy whom she loved. Her father was not in favor of their marriage because he finds him useless. So, the guy Lu Beichuan. Moreover, her father never agrees.

The reason for this was that not much was known about Lu Beichuan. Like who was his family, where he came from were never known to anyone.

As she was dealing with this problem then another misery struck her. Her father got poisoned by her step-mother and on top of that she was sent on a house arrest.

Before his death, her father acknowledges that it was his mistake not accept the guy she loves and her father also advise her to run away from the home with her brother.

Soon the young girl bids farewell to her father with teary eyes and escapes along with her brother. It was not easy for her to escape as she is now about to face the darkest days of her life.

What happens next is quite miserable. Was she able to escape from her stepmother’s cage? Keep reading if you want to know what happens next.

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