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Hard anagrams to solve – Do you think you are an anagram genius?

If so, let’s test your brain with this difficult anagrams and we hopefully you can guess all of them.

Solving Anagrams can be tough at times, but it’s also fun and great exercise for the mind!

If we can improve our ability to solve anagrams, we’re gaining a critical skill for Scrabble, Cryptic Crosswords, Text Twist, and other other word games and puzzles.

The more we try to solve anagrams and the more successes we have, the better we get.

How to solve an Anagram?

Here is an example of anagram to solve: ROOSNIE

It’s got a lot of vowels and plenty of room for suffixes. The OO might suggest the word SOON but quickly we run out of options for the rest: soon+ier, soon+eri, soon+ire, soon+rie.

Instead focus on the possible endings –s,- en, -ens, -es, -ies, -er, -ier,-ion, -ions. Working back from the longest ending first, we might try –ions with various combinations of e, o, and r: eor+ions- reo+ions, oer+ions, roe+ions, ero+ions, and ore+ions.

No luck. But if we try the next longest ending, –ion and shift the S to the root we get to the word EROSION.

Now we give you a try. You should be able to find the anagrams for each of them.

Train your brain by rearranging letters of these hard anagrams to solve anagram puzzles!

Solve as many anagrams as fast as you can in less 5 minutes by guessing the letters of one word into another word.

To make sure the correct answer you can flip the card to see it. And don’t forget to share this anagrams quiz with your friends.

Anagrams of 'UNDERTALE'?

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Anagrams of 'ECHELON'?

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(a body of troops arranged in a line)

Anagrams of 'SCRABBLE'?

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(raw milk that has soured and thickened)

Anagrams of 'INTERNET'?

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(resistant to physical pressure; unyielding)

Anagrams of 'SHOVEL'?

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(small crude shelter used as a dwelling)

Anagrams of 'INGES'?

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Anagrams of 'NUTTYLOG'?

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(habitual eating to excess)

Anagrams of 'ICEORALS'?

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Anagrams of 'ANDYS'?

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(of hair color)

Anagrams of 'ELFSTAIN'?

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(exaggerate or make bigger)

Anagrams of 'SOLVE'?

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Anagrams of 'GET BREXIT DONE'?

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Riot Beg Extend - Riot Deb Gent Ex - Riot Bed Gent Ex - Riot Bend Get Ex - Riot Beg Ed Next - Riot Beg Dent Ex - Riot Beg Tend Ex

Anagrams of 'HALSEY'?

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(pertaining to or resembling shale)

Anagrams of 'STEELD'?

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(the offspring who came first in the order of birth)

Anagrams of 'IGNORE'?

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(the extended spatial location of something)
(any plant of the genus Eryngium)

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