“Does He Like Me?” Quiz (GIRLS ONLY!)

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Why doesn’t he like me quiz – If a guy likes you, how to know if he likes you? Does your crush like you if he asks for your number and texts you everyday?

Or, a guy like you if he gets jealous?

Of course, not all guys are the same and some probably won’t show some of ‘he likes you‘ signs, but the basics are there.

It’s a natural instinct when they don’t want things to be awkward or they want to spark a conversation and get closer to you.

However, they are extra sensitive towards your feelings. They would never say something intentionally to hurt you or your self-esteem.

Usually guys are really thoughtful and smart about your facial expressions and can interpret how you feel about his little joke.

If he truly likes you, he won’t cross the line and make you feel less of yourself and make you doubt yourself.

He will make you smile and feel like the luckiest girl alive. After all, every guy is different in their own unique way.

If you want to know if he might like you back, this is a great quiz for you.

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Does He Like Me Quiz: Does He Like You More Than A Friend?

Tell us your result in the comments below and share it with your friends! Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!

He never flirts with me in any way. That’s also the case if he rejects my attempts to flirt or I make him visibly uncomfortable.

He doesn’t care about my relationships with other guys even in the slightest.

I’ve been friends with him forever and he’s never made a move.

He doesn’t reply to my texts and when he does reply he only responds with short sentences or few words.

After a first date he doesn’t call or make any plans to follow up and see me again.

He’s the one always texting/calling and reaching out to me.

I catch him staring at me and it happens more often than I’d expect.

He feels awkward when people assume we’re a couple.

He’s surprisingly curious about who I am, where I came from, and what my life is like.

If I change something about my appearance, whether it’s small or not so small, he immediately notices.

He doesn’t really listen when I talk and doesn’t remember what I tell him.

He’s always finding excuses to touch me and make body contact with me.

He never gets jealous when I'm flirting with other guys, or hearing I talk about other guys.

I'm always the one texting, calling, or messaging him first, and he never initiates a conversation.

He can never make plans when I try to catch up with him, or he always finds excuses for not wanting to be alone with me.

He talks to me differently than the way he talks to his other female friends.

He remembers what I like and don’t like.

Does He Like Me More Than A Friend Quiz

He’s Really Not That Into You!


We don’t really see a future with this guy, maybe he’s not into you, You should find a guy who’s interested in you the way you want him to be.

If he doesn’t like you don’t freak out, do the opposite. Calm down and focus forward in your life on things that are going to make you better and happier. The stronger you are the more attractive you become.

He REALLY likes You as more than a friend!

he likes me more as a friend animation webp gif

He seems to like you. But a quiz can't really prove anything. You have to decide for yourself, and then decide what your gonna do about it. Just remember, you probably won't love him forever like you think you will at the moment if your a teen, so be rational.

He seems ONLY likes you as a friend!

he likes you only as a friend animation giphy webp

Okay, so you talk to him, and you know each other pretty well, but he only views it as friendship. That's better than nothing, though!!

Try flirting a little or hanging out more outside. It could change things!

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